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Welcome to the FIRST podcast episode of Passion & Potential! I have been talking about starting this podcast for a while now, and I’ve put it off for a million different reasons… but for today’s episode, I got a little honest with myself and asked WHY are you not starting this thing that you are clearly very passionate about? I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to being a perfectionist. So for this episode, i’ll give you some insight and steps to overcoming perfectionism.

Perfectionism = Self Sabotaging

I don’t think we give perfectionism enough credit as self sabotaging and we often paint it in a positive light. However, it can be really negative for you and can create a lack of motivation, confidence, and turns you into a procrastinator. It stops you from completing your goals, completing things you’re passionate about, or trying new things you’ve always wanted to do.

This is exactly what happened for me with starting this podcast. I came up with all the reasons of why it wouldn’t be perfect and essentially PROCRASTINATED starting it. (Would my voice be too annoying? What if the sound quality isn’t perfect? Would no one listen and now i’ve failed at something.. etc.)

But this is the issue with perfectionism – we let it stop us from doing the things we WANT to do.

But say you AREN’T perfect…. what is the worst that comes of that?

You have to take that FIRST step, to even try. And you can only get better by actually taking that first step, and no longer allowing your perfectionist tendencies to cripple your passions.

Imagine where you can be a year from now if you just take that first step towards trying, rather than getting in your head?

Listen guys, tell the inner voice to shut up and Just freaking do it! (lolol)

Don’t let perfectionism get in your way. Say goodbye to your fear of failure getting in your way. Don’t become your own worst enemy and road block towards your goals and ambitions.

Overcoming perfectionism is difficult so here are a few steps I’ve implemented in my life to help

  1. Make a list of everything you WANT to do:
    Completely Brain dump, write it all down.
  2. Hang that list somewhere where you can see it every single day. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE.
    This will keep you from getting caught up in your head, and then procrastinating
  3. Give yourself some Affirmations
    remind yourself everyone starts from zero – we all start at square one without all the answers. NO ONE is perfect.
  4. Now write out the STEPS it takes to accomplish the things on your initial list
    You’ll see that some of these steps are not as hard as you originally thought… and they actually are achievable
  5. Lastly, Give yourself (realistic) deadlines
    This will keep you from focusing on “its not perfect and it’s not ready” to more of a “Done is better than perfect” mindset. If you give yourself that deadline that you MUST release by you’ll work through the steps in a more productive and manageable way – not focusing on every little detail that needs to be *perfect*
    Keep in mind, you can always go backwards and improve on something, but like I mentioned earlier … you still have to take that FIRST step to get the ball rolling.

I hope this podcast and this blog helps you in overcoming perfectionism achieving things you want!
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til next time my friends – Arastasia

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