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Starting a Photography Business in a New City – Passion and Potential

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On the third Passion and Potential Episode I share how I moved to South Carolina on a whim, with no connections, and ended up starting a photography business all within 6 months! Learn the steps I took, and apply them to your own life to make great marketing and networking moves!

Hopefully this will inspire you to go all in and help you in starting a photography business!


At 21 I quit my full time marketing job in Ohio and moved to South Carolina and fully committed myself to starting my own full time photography business.

Of course I had some nervousness and doubted myself a bit. I interviewed for a few jobs and had some great job opportunities

I almost bit…

But I remembered why I moved there and what my goals were. And I asked myself:

Why would I accept this job if it’s going to be a barrier to my dreams and what I actually want to accomplish in life?

So I declined the job offers and told myself I had to be all in.

2. Start Networking Immediately

Moving to a new city, not knowing anybody was challenging because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have that referral system built up.

So I started networking immediately by taking my camera everywhere and talking to new people. South Carolina has an amazing music scene so I would go around the city taking pictures of people everywhere and introduce myself to everyone. I put myself out there and was the most extroverted version of myself.

Instead of waiting for opportunity to come to me, I went out and I sought out the opportunity. I found it.

When I would go to business and take pictures I would ask to talk to the manager. I’d let them about the pictures I took of their events, food, whatever and that I would share the pics and tag them on social media and that they were free to share them. I introduced myself and told them I was new in town, just trying to meet people and said

“My name’s Arastasia, let me know if you ever need anything”

3. I took photos for the local newspaper

The local newspaper didn’t pay much but it got me into events and it put me out there. It gave me an opportunity to be in the town at special events and it allowed me to make more connections.

Event organizers would see the few pictures I took for the newspaper and ask me to photograph the entire event instead. So not only was I getting my business name out there, I was also making some income while there.

4. I hired a local graphic designer

To do my logo and help me create my branding I hired a local graphic designer to connect with the local business community.

I knew she created some local business logos and I wanted to establish my brand as a local business.

She was great! We became friends and started sending people to each others businesses.

5. I connected with the local wedding planner

I took some photos at a few of her events and she talked to me about being the go to photographer for her local bed and breakfast. At first I was just photographing the staff, the food, marketing material, etc, but then I started photographing some weddings whenever necessary!

All in all I was always putting myself out there and seizing any opportunities I could find.

I hope this helps you in starting a photography business, or any kind of business, whether you’re in a new city or not!

til next time my friends – Arastasia

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