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On episode 6 of Passion and Potential I’m giving you 4 steps to retrain your mind to believe in yourself.

Firstly, I want to start with this quote that I saw online “Imagine if you invested the same energy that you used to doubt yourself to actually believe in who you are and all that you can do. Imagine if you thought of best-case scenarios. You can start doing it now. Your mind can be retrained and guided to be optimistic and a believer”.

We put so much energy into doubting ourselves. On the other hand, imagine if we reversed that and put the same amount of energy into believing in ourselves. For example, imagine all the things that you would accomplish; everything you wouldn’t have procrastinated; all the things you wouldn’t have told yourself you’re not worthy. I genuinely feel like so many people do this to themselves. They invest so much energy in doubting themselves. They spend so much of their time and energy on negative thoughts instead of learning, improving, and building themself up.

Above all, retraining your brain to believe in yourself is going to take some conscious effort. So, I’ve come up with 4 tips to help you. It’s not going to be easy and you’re going to need reminders during it. So, I want you to write down these 4 steps and hang them around your home to be constant reminders.

4 Steps to Believe in Yourself

1. Stop the negative thoughts in the moment

Pinpoint what thoughts you are having and acknowledge them.

For example, when I say: “I want to start a podcast but I don’t think anyone will listen”. I would need to stop that thought right there. Then tell myself I am going to start a podcast and I can’t wait for people to listen. You have to rewire your brain. Reverse the negative thoughts. Reframe the way that you talk to yourself and the way that you view your abilities and potential. So, the first step, stop the negative thoughts in the moment and immediately think the opposite. Take the 10 seconds to think the opposite thought and convince yourself of that positive thought.

2. Journal and Brain Dump

Journaling is one of the healthiest coping mechanisms you could ever do it. Putting your thoughts down on paper is so helpful. I’m obsessed with it! It helps my creativity, anxiety, ADHD, and organizes all my thoughts and ideas.

I have journals all around my apartment because I never know when I’m going to need to write something down. Journaling is healthy it forces you to slow down and acknowledge what you’re thinking and feeling. I tend to make lists. I don’t usually write stories or anything. If I were thinking I’m not capable of something I would make a list of all the reasons I think that. Then go back to that list and list all the opposites. Write all the reasons why you are capable. Just braindump, don’t overthink. Let your mind go and jot down everything you’re thinking and feeling. You’re going to realize how toxic you are being to yourself. It’s going to become very apparent that you need to change it.

3. Daily Affirmations

Thirdly, after you stop the negative thoughts in the moment and journal I want you to have affirmations. That is to say, tell yourself on a daily basis all the things that you can do and all the positive things about yourself. Say nice things to yourself because you deserve it.

Some Examples:

I can

  • start a podcast
  • travel for a whole year and meet a bunch of new people and photograph crazy elopements
  • go full time in photography

I am

  • strong
  • creative
  • beautiful

Remind yourself of all the positives and believe in yourself. Slowly get rid of that toxic voice in your mind. We are our worst critics. We are the meanest person in our lives. Our voice is so mean. It’s always putting us down. So, we’re going to work on getting rid of that rude voice.

4. Make Goals

The last thing that you’re going to do is make goals to change. So, You’ve already identified the negative thoughts and their opposites, journaled, and done affirmations. After that I want you to make a goal with a timeline. Something that is attainable but you’ll have to work for.


If you’re most common I can’t is “I can’t start a photography business”

Goal: 6 months from now I will have 10 clients.

Speak it into existence. Frame it as something you’re definitely going to do. Create the goal with confidence and state it as something that will happen. Believe in yourself, you will do it. Pinpoint the goals that you’re most passionate about.  In short, make a goal to change to change your negative thoughts.

Quick List of the steps to believe in yourself

  1. Stop negative thoughts in the moment and think the opposite, positive thoughts about ourselves.
  2. Journal and brain dump all of our thoughts, feelings, anxiety, and goals to organize them.
  3. Do daily affirmations and hang them around your home to remind yourself that you are worthy and capable.
  4. Make goals and tell yourself that you are going to achieve them (because you can and will achieve them!)

Self love is a journey and it’s not an easy one.

I’m putting in the work and always trying to do better. Meanwhile, I want to help you and other do better as well. So, let’s all hold each other accountable to loving ourselves. 🙂

Thanks for tuning into Passion & Potential

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til next time my friends – Arastasia

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