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On this episode of Passion and Potential I’m talking about mindfulness and things you can do to self reflect. During this I’m going to give you some steps and questions for you to do and reflect upon.

5 steps towards mindfulness

I recommend doing these steps for at least 5 days straight. Then you can see how the practices effect you!

1. Focus on Small Joys

Firstly, slow down and notice little things that bring you joy and happiness. That is something big or small.

What are three things that you notice on a daily basis that can bring you joy?

  • the beautiful sky
  • amazing coffee
  • a pretty tree

Above all, take the time to notice the small joys around you in everyday life.

2. Journaling for mindfulness

Secondly, spend 10-15 minutes writing down every thought and feeling in a notebook. Again, I recommend trying this for 5 days straight. During these 5 days, notice how it impacts you. While doing this don’t worry about organization. Simply write down the thoughts as they cross your mind. For example, it could be insecurities, fears, or happy things. Just get it all out.

3. Meditation for mindfulness

Thirdly, I want you to try to meditate for just a few minutes a day. Meditation helps you slow down and can relieve stress and anxiety. I recommend trying the free smiling mind meditation app (it’s what I use!). On the app, you can choose from a list of different meditations and do whatever speaks to you. There are categories for empowerment, stress relief, anxiety relief, and so much more.

4. Self Reflect

Fourthly, I want you to self reflect and answer these questions.

Ask yourself:

  • “How would I describe myself?”

To clarify, just write down describing words that could be about your personality, appearance, interests, whatever you want.

Ask others by making a social media post (if you’re comfortable):

  • “What are some words you would use to describe me”

So, I had my passion and potential facebook group post that on their instagram stories. After that, they were all kind of surprised at the positive ways people described them.

5. Make a Mindfulness Vision Board

Finally, create a mindfulness vision board. This could be digital or physical, whatever you want. Above all, the board should tie back to the other mindfulness steps. Add your small joys, reminders to journal and meditate, your favorite things, things about you. This should remind you to be more mindful in your day to day life, and appreciate the small things.

Here’s my mindfulness vision board:

mindfulness. small joys: coffee, palm trees, nature, sunset, oceans. Accomplishments: passion and potential, full time photographer, artsy airy, happiness. I am: bubbly, driven, inspirational, kind, caring, motivated, filled with sunshine. journal everyday!! organize your thoughts. meditation: the more we practice letting the space between our thoughts grow, the more we come to appreciate the beauty and power of silence.

I hope this helps you work on being more mindful. Be sure to practice these steps frequently!

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