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On episode 7 of Passion and Potential, the New Year’s Eve 2020 episode I’m going to tell you some things to leave behind in last year.

Happy new year and good riddance 2020. Certainly, I did have a lot of Silver Linings in 2020. But, today I thought it would be fun to do a short episode on things we’re going to leave in 2020.  So, they do not get to join us for this new year and they’re not invited to the party.

We’re going to leave behind

  • perfectionism
  • not trying something because you’ll be bad
  • the inner mean person in our head and replace that with a much kinder version
  • overly people pleasing
  • watering ourselves down to be a lesser version of ourselves for people
  • feeling bad for saying no
  • settling
  • society’s version of what we should be as a person of our gender and age.
  • toxic jobs
  • toxic relationships
  • all toxic things
  • people that make you feel sad and drained after hanging out with them
  • apologizing unnecessarily
  • society’s version of success
  • putting other people’s emotions above our own
  • self-sabotaging because you’re scared of failing or rejection

Now I’m going follow up that long list of things we’re leaving behind and instead list some things we’re going to bring into 2021.

We’re going to bring

  • confidence
  • belief in ourselves
  • good coping mechanisms
  • journaling
  • art
  • your own version of therapy
  • meditation
  • fitness if it’s because it brings you joy
  • healthy friendships
  • creativity without a perfect agenda
  • small joys
  • daily affirmations
  • daily reminders that this life is yours and you ultimately get to create the life
  • the idea that we are going to be comfortable in the uncomfortable

That is just some of my list. So, I’m going to break down into more specific podcast episodes to expand on them-keep an eye out! Meanwhile, I would love for you to tell me on facebook or instagram what things you want to leave in 2020.

Thanks for tuning into Passion & Potential

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til next time my friends – Arastasia

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