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On the 4th episode of Passion & Potential I’m letting you in on all my wedding photography must do’s! I am a full time professional wedding photographer – The first wedding I did was in 2012 and have been full time since 2014. I’ve learned the do’s and the don’ts and created a workflow of standard things I must do to make my work the best I can do for my clients.

So I wanted to put everything together to share with you this list of wedding photography must do’s that can helpfully help you too!

Wedding Photography Must Do’s : Leading up to the Wedding

1. I help my clients establish a timeline for the day

Rather than having them creating the timeline and not having much knowledge of the wedding industry, I help them. It’s likely the bride and groom’s first time planning a wedding day.

So, We create a timeline based on how many people are in the wedding; how many locations are we going to; and what’s the lighting going to be like?

As a result, this helps create a smooth flowing wedding day and alleviates some of the couple’s stress. Further, it lets them feel more laid back day of the wedding. In addition, it helps me with my photography by setting up the best conditions so I can do my best work possible for the couple.

Sometimes things change but ultimately this can create the most ideal wedding day schedule for the couple’s special day.

2. I send out a questionnaire

The questionnaire contains very detailed questions. I send it out about a month prior to the wedding, just in case of changes.

I ask for

  1. Both getting ready location addresses
  2. Exact address for every location, including portraits
  3. For family photos, how many people are we photographing? will it be immediate or extending? please list names.– This helps me recall family members names during family pictures and throughout the day.
  4. Is there anything else, anything special, that we need to know? This ranges from special gifts and mementos, and anything of significance to the couple.

I can then send the pdf with all of the answers to my second shooter and videographer so they have all the info as well.

Wedding Photography Must Do’s : At the Wedding

1. Each event has its own memory card

Memory cards aren’t that expensive so I think it’s worth the investment to have a memory card for every client. (Don’t forget to format the memory card!) You don’t want to delete photos from a wedding only two months ago, so have a new memory cards for every couple.

After the event I keep the memory cards in an envelope with the clients names on it and I do not clear the card until the next year.

I also triple back up the photos on hard drives and online so I cover all my bases and try to prevent losing any photos.

2. Wake up early and have a cup of coffee

Firstly, I start my wedding days off with peace. To start, I wake up early and take the time to sit and drink my cup of coffee, slowly get ready, listen to some music.

No reason to be stressed before the chaos begins!

3. When I get to the wedding I say hello to everyone

When I arrive at the venue, I introduce myself to everyone; try to bond with the bridesmaids; ask what they’re most excited for; ask the bride about her hair and makeup. I really just try to bond with people and make a connection and they feel more comfortable with me.

So rather than having this random lady show up and shove a camera in their face all day, they have someone they are more at ease and comfortable with.

4. I think like the client thinks

This may sound obvious but it’s true! I may not share a clients religious values or traditions but they probably find it very important. I don’t know their family members and friends but they are important to the couple. So I always try to think about what is important to the couple and what they would want captured in their photos and memories.

5. Alone time with my couples

I force the bridal party and family to go away and I do portraits of just the couple. Then I tell them to hang back for about 10 minutes, sit alone, talk with each other, hold each other’s hands, kiss, communicate about the day, and just overall slow down and take in your wedding day. Think about how excited you are about the reception, how excited you are for marriage.

So I make sure to give the bride and groom alone time even without a camera in their face. I highly recommend doing this!

6. I am very assertive on wedding days

For example, I will ask for the wedding cake to be moved if it’s not in a good location. Also, If people are standing in a bad place for a photo, I’ll tell them to move. In addition, if the bride and groom are standing under an exit sign for something important, I’ll tell them to move. To sum up, I’ll gladly do what I need to do to make sure the photo becomes what I need it to become.

Sometimes you have to create the magic for the photo if it isn’t already there.

Those are a few of my wedding photography must do’s!

Eventually, I’ll have more episode like this! So, I’ve learned things the easy way, I’ve learned things the hard way. But all in all I’ve learned a lot from my years of experience and I want to help you by giving you all my tips and tricks!

Thanks for tuning into Passion & Potential

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til next time my friends – Arastasia

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