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My word of the year - unapologetic - passion and potential. arastasia standing on cleveland rooftop with camera

On the 11th episode of Passion and Potential I’m talking about my word of the year, unapologetic. Do you have a word of the year? I do now but I haven’t always. We focus a lot on New Year’s resolutions and goal lists. But, choosing one word to live by the entire year is a different.

Choosing Your Word of the Year

You should try to make your word a priority throughout the year. But, this is not a list of goals or deadlines. In short, just a word that speaks to you. So, sit with yourself and think about your word.

Some of my friends words of the year are:

  • unsettled
  • peace

Unapologetic- My Word of the Year

I originally considered self growth for my word of the year. But, I didn’t think I was digging deep enough. So, I thought about it some more. Finally, I decided on unapologetic. The word applies to so many aspects of my life.

I’ve been a full time photographer since I was 21 years old. So, I’ve gone through all of the phases of trying to be the people pleaser. Certainly I tried to be the person others wanted me to be. However, that’s not how you find happiness.

Instead, chase what you want in life. Pursue your passions.

I used to be afraid of what others thought about me. As a result I watered myself down when talking to people. For example, I did this in day to day conversations and in relationships. So, I wouldn’t talk about my goals and the things I cared about. But, I no longer want to be a lesser version of myself in from of others.

I hated feeling like I was too much.

Above all, I realize I want to be unapologetically me. That is to say, I want to be the biggest, most passionate version of myself. In addition, I want to inspire and motivate others.

  • Be yourself
  • Set boundaries
  • Be proud of the things you do

I’m not apologizing for being myself anymore.

I hope this inspires you! Please let me know what your word of the year is. Share it on your instagram and tag my Instagram!

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