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episode 19- marketing yourself as if you're already at your dream goals- be strategic in your efforts and actions, passion and potential podcast by arastasia, listen on apple and spotify

In this episode, I talk about the importance of marketing yourself with strategy and a mindset of success. In all your marketing efforts, you should be acting as if you have ALREADY reached your ideal goal with your ideal customers. Don’t dwell on where you currently are. 

Behind every action you take, ask yourself: “Does this align with where I want to be a year from now?” If not, it does not belong in your marketing strategy. 

For example, I want this podcast to grow and be successful so that I can mentor and inspire more people. I’m at the beginning stages of this journey. But instead of dwelling on the fact that I’m not there yet and suppressing my confidence and abilities, I’m choosing to put all of my efforts into acting as if it’s one year later and my podcast has already grown significantly. Because whatever you put out there is what you’re going to attract. 

If you want to be a wedding photographer but you’re consistently putting out newborn photos, you’re not serving your vision and you’re not going to attract your ideal client. 

4 Steps to Market Yourself for your ideal client

Here are some of the steps I recently shared with a fellow photographer during our mentoring session to help her get to that “year from now” ideal place: 

  1. Set up a model call with multiple clients in the exact conditions you want to be shooting. Create A TON of content and start putting it out there! Market yourself as if you’re only booking these types of ideal sessions, even if you’re not quite there yet.
  2. Make sure you secure some “behind-the-scenes” photo and video content – not just the finished product – that can be continually repurposed so you can keep feeding your website, blogs and social feeds with your ideal marketing content. Do this even during stages when you may not be able to book that type of session.
  3. After the session, edit and edit until you’re happy with how it looks and you’ve achieved exactly what you’re envisioning for yourself one year from now. Once you get there, save those edits as a new preset. Next time you do a session in that same setting, you can apply your preset and remain consistent, feeding into that finished ideal.
  4. Update your website as if it’s one year from now and these types of sessions are all that you’re doing! Delete any irrelevant content that doesn’t align with your goal. Add in your new content and be sure to give yourself a title that matches your vision. 

In business, just like in life, you need to surround yourself with people who feed into your vision, not people who are going to distract you from it. Be strategic with your actions so that you’re always moving in the direction you want and don’t ever settle because SO MUCH can change in a year. 

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