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Episode 25- six months update - how I've actively worked towards conquering my fear of failure and am finally crossing off bucket list goals. passion and potential podcast by arastasia listen on apple and spotify

In this episode, I share some life and career updates that have happened since starting this podcast six months ago. I talk through how I actively work towards overcoming my fear of failure and perfectionism complex, and what doors that has opened up for me in my career and passions!


If you’ve listened to my previous episodes, you know that I wanted to start this podcast for a long time, but I let fear and perfectionism stop me. This episode was inspired by reflecting on how much has changed in the past six months, and all of the milestones I crossed in launching Passion & Potential. 

When I finally launched at the beginning of the year, I still didn’t know if the podcast was going to be successful, but decided that I was going to do it anyway. It was extremely uncomfortable and nerve-racking, but it’s become a lot more natural being vulnerable and putting myself out there. 

Here’s where we’re at six months after launching Passion & Potential:  

By launching this podcast, I think I’ve conditioned myself to not let the fear of failure or rejection hold me back from pursuing my passions. Being unapologetic with myself has been liberating. Also it allowed me to accomplish goals that have been on my bucket list for years.


In my 10-10-10 episode, I shared that another one of my bucket list items was to paint a wall mural. I set a goal for myself to paint ONE mural this year. Which felt unfamiliar and unachievable at the time because I had told myself I wasn’t a mural artist. In reality, I never should have put myself in that smaller artistic bucket. By doing so, I prevented myself from seizing opportunities.

The Cracked Egg Mural

This April, I painted my first mural at The Cracked Egg in Canton, Ohio and it was the most incredible, creative, free feeling I’ve had in a long time. 

Arastasia standing in front of her first mural in Canton Ohio at the Cracked Egg Restaurant. The musral includes clouds, sun, water and waves, sunflowers, flying pancakes, a chicken with glasses, the football hall of fame bridge " Canton, Ohio" and "stay close to people who feel like sunshine"

I promised myself with every single thought and action this year, I would work to not allow myself to debilitate things that I want to pursue. Now I’m officially up to SEVEN murals! Don’t prevent yourself from sharing things you’re passionate about just because you’re scared that you’re not good enough. It doesn’t matter. Put it out into the world, especially if it’s something you want to pursue. Share the things you’re passionate about and people will notice. 

Wahlburgers Mural

More recently, I painted my first outdoor mural at Wahlburgers in Downtown Cleveland. I’ve continuously forced myself to work toward overcoming my perfectionism complex and kept it in the back of my head. 

an instagram post by @arastasia. Arastasia sitting in front of her Mural at Wahlburgers in Cleveland, Ohio with the Jack Casino and terminal tower in the backdrop. Caption "one of the big clues that I lost myself was when I realized I stopped painting and doing things I loved. It's 2021 and I'm emotional and Passionate about painting again."

It’s fun to reflect and look at all that has changed. I’m still chasing big dreams and plan to continue recording two podcast episodes each week. I plan to book more art and fully embrace and market my mentoring sessions. If you’re interested in learning more about my mentoring sessions, I’d love to help you unlock your passion and potential with marketing, entrepreneurship, creativity, photography and/or editing!

I hope this episode helps inspire you to stay on track with overcoming your limiting beliefs and not allowing them to get in the way of doing things you love. I promise you are capable of so much more! 


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Until next time my friends – Arastasia

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