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Three Ways You Can Be More Credible In Your Business and Build Trust With Potential Customers – Passion and Potential

Episode 26- three ways you can be more credible in your business and build trust with potential customers. passion and potential podcast by arastasia listen on apple and spotify

In this episode, I share three ways you can be more credible in your business and build trust with potential customers right off the bat. Sometimes in a saturated market you have to make little steps in your business and marketing to elevate yourself and stand out from the masses. Building trust is one way you can do that and book more customers!

Before we even get into the three steps, the first thing you’ll need is an established business license. Secondly, you’ll need to have a dedicated business website. Now, let’s dive in! 


Arastasia Photography's Google Account and reviews on Google maps.

This will create a listing within Google so that if someone searches your business name, you have an actual account that comes up instead of a single link to your Facebook page or website. It’s completely free to create a Google My Business account, just follow the steps, verify your account and from there, people can start leaving you reviews, you can upload photos and videos, etc. 


The great thing about Google My Business is that you can gather reviews from ideal clients that you have already worked with. These will be easily accessible to your potential clients and help to establish your credibility. It’s extremely powerful when your potential customers can read about firsthand experiences from your past customers, and not just your own opinions about how great your business is. It’s totally okay to ask your customers to share their experience and leave a review if they were happy with your product or service. Make sure you add these reviews to your website as well! If you sell products, ask your customers to take a photo of whatever they purchased to include along with their testimonial. 

"reviews from some very happy clients" Arastasia Photography's review page on website.

3. Create an email address that has your website attached to it. 

Instead of a generic email address, such as “,” create an email address that includes your business name, such as “” Right off the bat, this will help you to appear as an established business versus somebody with a side hustle. I personally attach my business email to my Google My Business account through Google Workspace. It’s easy and inexpensive to do, and will provide you with ongoing analytics. 

If you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin, I can help! Get in touch with me on Instagram or ask for more information about my 1:1 mentoring sessions here


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Until next time my friends – Arastasia

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