Making a Vision Board to Stay Accountable and Goal Plan

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So early last year, when I first released the podcast, I had an episode on why you should absolutely make a vision board and the benefits of doing so.

I mentioned some of the aspects that were on my 2021 vision board, and what they meant for me.

For this episode, I want to do a comparison of my vision for THIS year, 2022, and what it looks like compared to last year.

I also want to compare some of the aspects of my board that I did stick to, some that I did not, and the overall difference of the two, even though they’re only a year apart.

So let’s start with 2021.  On my board You’ll see a lot of quotes. And some of them read:

Savoring life with mindfulness, happiness, and appreciation. 


Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.

Hurt people heal people

So those are some of my positive quotes, and I still stand by each of those. 

Now if you’ve listened to past episodes, you know the last few years have been absolute self discovery, and transitional times of feeling very lost and trying to find myself.

I think that’s pretty clear on this board, because in addition to those positive, uplifting  quotes, I also have things like

The place where you dream isn’t always the place where you sleep.

 … i.e. where am I meant to be in life, literally physically. I think I was feeling very alone.

I have a cutout that says “steps to rediscovering your motivation and regaining your mojo.” once again… just kinda feelin like that lost puppy that was searching for that spark inside of her.

I have in very very big letters

“Is it just me”

Yikes. Um ouch.

Yeah I think I had to do a LOT of self acceptance and love, because when people would leave me or leave my life, I never looked at it neutrally or even just with a logical perspective, I always blamed it on myself and wondered why I was never good enough for people to stay. Or why I was never good enough to be loved unconditionally. And now I think I’m at a place where I understand that every person is on a different journey, and they can only give the love that they’re capable of, but all in all, I needed to give myself that love I was craving from other people. So yeah, that definitely looks different this year. I’m always on this journey of learning to love myself, but I will say the 29 year old I am currently, at the start of 2022 doesn’t have as deep of a “is it just me” mentality. It’s still a work in progress, but there’s a lot of grace there. 

I have a lotttt of stuff on board about exploring, traveling. And part of this I think was hand in hand, with that whole self discovery journey. I had to be alone, travel alone, and essentially experience things to really continue finding myself. However, i’ll be fully transparent and say that, at the end of the day, I think deep down I was still searching for an ANSWER It was like, If I go travel, I’ll love me. I’ll understand me. But essentially I think i will still trying to just escape me, and escape hurt, and leave behind the city and people that might have brought back painful memories. So I’m glad I traveled, and it did help, however I now know that it was not the all in all solution I needed, and it was still kind of a mask of my reality, and the deep inner work I needed to do to really understand myself, forgive myself, and love myself.

Okay moving on,

I think the one that makes me giggle the most, is I have “no dating” on the board. Which is so hilarious but I clearly now have a boyfriend. And the best part is before we started dating we were friends, and i vividly remember showing him my vision board and being like SEE THAT?? I’M NOT DATING EVER AGAIN. AND LOOK, IT SAYS NO DATING. NO BOYFRIENDS FOR ME!!!”

Well… okay uh challenge accepted michael? 

In reality tho, once again, i was coming from a place of very guarded heart, that had been hurt and trying to heal, and so the idea of dating was “if i allow myself to love again, i could hurt, if I allow someone to enter my perfectly protected bubble, i’ll never love myself or find myself, they might impact that journey. Goodbye men. I love my cat and that’s it”

What I know now is that in the past, once again, I was dating and looking for love in a way that I was not going to receive it, and I really did need to love myself first. As cliche as that sounds.

So 2022 me is thrilled I have my amazing boyfriend in my life, he’s taught me so much, and we continuously learn  together, but all in all, he didn’t stunt that self growth for me, he just supported it and allowed me to be fully me, and not feel like i needed to change for someone.

Okay so 2021 summary of a board:

Still inspired, still wanting to make an impact, but quite lost,  needed to find love in myself, needed to focus on my values, needed to do the dirty work, and not mask, escape, or keep up walls.

Let’s look at 2022, because I am genuinely so excited about my board this year. I literally try to show it to every person who comes to my house. 

The biggest difference you’re going to see on my board this year is it’s a lot less “dreamer” and overall big ideas, because I am absolutely a visionary and I dream big, but it’s less big picture, and it’s a lot more strategy. 

In episode 32 I discuss my word of the year, clarity, and how I want to be more clear with my decisions, time, efforts, and business this year.

So for my vision board, I really tried to keep that in mind, and add specific elements to keep me on track and focused.

So right off the bat, I have a milestones list, instead of just a dreams list.

And on this list I have steps like “reach 50 podcast episodes, reach 100 episodes.” “Paint 10 murals” “Paint an out of state mural”

So these are achievable milestones that honestly get me to my next step for my life dreams. 

I do still have uplifting quotes, because I love when words motivate me and empower me. And I love looking at my vision board and having that little reminder. 

So some of those look like

“So can you.” because I am constantly reminding myself that yes, I too, can achieve everything I want in life, despite my upbringing, my mental health issues, and my journey. I am capable.

I have quotes that remind me to keep pushing forward, and some of them say “make it happen” “be productive, and build your dream” “the choice is yours”

And then I have some quotes that are mental health focused such as “a new way to accomplish, think, create, and speak to yourself” and that’s my reminder to continuously work on that voice inside my head, and make sure it’s a kind voice that empowers me.

In addition, I also have graphics that are aligned with my business goals, such as palm trees, ocean waves, mermaids. I am really trying to pivot into booking more Southern weddings, especially Florida or South Carolina weddings, so those pretty graphics keep me hopeful for that portion of my goals.

I have sunflowers, because I like to be sunshine in my own life and other people’s lives, and I have some graphics that are pertaining to the podcast, with words that align with my mission. For example “there’s hidden potential for you, because you deserve it.” and “i want to make you inspired”

So all in all, I will say looking at these two boards. I can really see a more grown up and strategic version of myself, in terms of the way I view my goals and my dreams in life. But I also see a woman who is finding love and confidence. Last year’s board was very clear that I was in a lost state of mind, and really trying to soul search. I think last year’s board had a hint of sadness to it, I looked at it and I read the quotes.. And I can hear a girl crying for self acceptance, and love, and idk a place in this world.

I think this year’s board doesn’t say sadness, it says hope and excitement.

I want this episode to be your reminder that so much can change in a year. Literally just one year, and sometimes that change might be difficult and it might challenge you, but there is hope. If you would’ve told me last January that THIS is what my board looked like for 2022, I don’t know if I would have believed you. I was in such a transitional place in my life.

But you’ve got to keep pushing forward, you’ve got to keep in mind what your values look like, what you TRULY want for your life. And I encourage you to be strategic with those ideas for your life, make a vision board that has dreams, but also has milestones and steps you can take to make those dreams happen.

Most importantly, make a vision board, and allow yourself to think of everything you want. No judgment, no criticism, just full hearted ideas and passion. And hang this board somewhere where you can see it every single day, and let it remind you that you are capable, your dreams are possible, you just might have to put in some work to make them happen.

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