I'm arastasia

I'm a multi-passionate gal. I love business, art & all things creative. I'm also the Podcast host of "Passion and Potential" - my self help and business podcast. 

I hope this lets you in my world a little bit, but  let's actually become friends and talk in person over some champagne or white claws!

I hope this lets you in my world a little bit, but hey... let's actually become friends and talk in person over some champagne or white claws!

hey friend

 (pronounced "Air-Uh-Stay-Shzuh)

I'm a Leo... like to a T. (lol)
I LOVE people, and i love to understand people. I'm constantly listening to podcasts about mental health and psychology, and I can talk to people all day long. I'm ALWAYS up for an adventure, and a spontaneous road trip to the ocean is something that has happened more times than my mother would like. lolol.

I am creative, emotional, empathetic. I become friends with all my clients, because I freaking LOVE them, and I truly am a lovely mix of fierce business woman and bubbly free spirit who just loves to see people smile.

The funny part about this is my boyfriend is the most opposite version of me. He is analytical, loves numbers more than humans, and loves structure.

I'm obsessed with the ocean, and my mermaid heart THRIVES when I get to photograph coastal weddings

I started painting by complete accident. My senior year of high school I needed an art credit to graduate, realized I kinda liked it..

ya girl loves seltzers, Soup is my favorite food, and I've been vegetarian for 15 years now.

Now I'm painting wall murals, and i'm obsessed!!

2018 - Open a Boudoir Studio in Cleveland

2020 - Pandemic happens, I start offering Virtual Paint Classes during Quarantine

2021 - I start my self help & business podcast, Passion & Potential

2022 -  Photographing weddings in Ohio, South Carolina, & Florida.

2020 - Hired employees to expand the business & team of photographers

2022 - Mentoring other photographers & creatives to create a successful business & follow their dreams like I did

2022 - Painting murals. Continuously recording for Passion & Potential podcast

2016 - Move back to Cleveland, doing business in SC & Ohio

In all of my elementary school journals, my answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  was always "a photographer."

I started photography jobs right out of high school, but always knew the goal was to own my own business. In 2014 I quit my marketing job, to finally pursue photography full time.

I did things a little unconventionally, and moved to South Carolina, where I had no connections or biz-owner experience. My passion & drive, mixed with photography skills & artistry, are what fueled my success, and made me the passionate business that I am today.

In 2019 I won Cleveland Scenes "Best Photographer in Cleveland" and cried A LOT of happy tears. 

I whole heartedly love my career, and my passion only grows stronger.
Life is good.

2011 - Awww... 19 year old me with my first camera

2015 - move to South Carolina. Open my first studio 6 months later.

2021 -  Paint my first wall mural. 

2017 - start getting very niche in my business, and decide to put more focus into wedding & boudoir photography

2012 - working for other photographers, & full time in Marketing

2019 - win "Best Photographer in Cleveland"

the business backstory

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