My name is Arastasia! (pronounced "Air-Uh-Stay-Shzuh)
My number one question in life is 'How do you pronounce your name', so don't worry if you mess it up. 

I obviouslyyyy love photography BUT you can also catch me painting elephants or mountains, doodling flowers or whatever comes to my spastic brain, and maybe, just maybe, playing the same Lumineers music video 7x in a row. 

I'm ALWAYS up for an adventure, I become friends with all of my clients, and 
I'm a lovely mix of fierce business woman and empathetic free spirit who just loves to see people smile.  I have a passion for helping people find happiness in life and I'm currently on an en devour to start my podcast!

I hope this lets you in my world a little bit, but hey... let's actually become friends and talk in person over some wine or white claws!

Soup is my favorite food.

I'm trying to get a Polaroid in all 50 states

In 2019 I took a spontaneous trip to Cali, Utah, & Colorado with 10 photographers I'd never met before.

My niece, Aralynne, is named after me and my mom.
(Arastasia combined with Teena-Lynne)

I love giant spaces that confuse me, like mountains and oceans.

For my 27th birthday, my best friend surprised me with sky diving. It was AMAZING!

In all of my elementry school journals, my answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  was always "a photographer."

I used my siblings as my "models" growing up, and got my first photography job at age 17.

I went full time in 2014, and won Cleveland Scenes "Best Photographer in Cleveland" in 2019.

I love my career, and my passion only grows stronger. Life is good.

Lets do this!!

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