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wedding photography, elopements, & live wedding painting in the Cleveland area & beyond

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I'm Arastasia - owner of Arastasia Photography. I'm a full time wedding photographer, live wedding painter, & mural artist! Basically, I'm a creative entrepreneur that's obsessed with my passions & I truly wake up every single day so grateful that I"m doing what I love in life. keep exploring to learn more about my company and the services we offer!

I'm Arastasia - owner of Arastasia Photography. I'm a full time wedding photographer, live wedding painter, & mural artist! Basically, I'm a creative entrepreneur that's obsessed with my passions & I truly wake up every single day so grateful that I"m doing what I love in life.

hello lover!

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the heart behind the photos

we share a passion for capturing love stories & preserving emotions & intimate moments

Photography is our way to tell your stories, and give visual proof of your emotions....

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 We believe that everybody has a unique story and intimate moments in life pass by so quickly. Photography is our way to tell your stories, and give visual proof of your emotions, memories, and monumental moments in a creative way that will be cherished for generations to come. 

Photography isn't just our career, it is our entire life purpose. We truly believe in what we do, and we have so much heart and passion for each person that trusts us with their precious memories.


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meet your photographers

meet your photographers

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Hi! that's me, arastasia!

I've been the gal 'always holding a camera' for a long long time now, and i have owned Arastasia Photography since 2015! My career started off with just about every type of photography I could get my hands on, but these days I solely focus on the following:

wedding & engagement photography 
live wedding painting 
wedding videography 
maternity & newborn photography 


Hi! that's marah!

- My other right-hand helper (this one with a little less fur and begging of snuggles all day)
Marah is my adorable wedding-obsessed, all things photography - assistant.  She provides portrait services such as family & senior portraits, as well as wedding & engagement photography services! 


date night surprise!

tap the image that you most resonate with to reveal a surprise date night for you and your partner!

Explore local breweries on a bike tour. (if you're local to Cleveland, there are sooo many!) Stop at each brewery for a tasting session, creating a fun and adventurous day on two wheels.

for this date night you're gonna do dinner a little differently. Here's your instructions:

go to the grocery store to get ingredients for dinner, appetizers, or a dessert.
here's the catch: you can only buy ingredients using the letters of your first name!
when you get home, crack open a bottle of wine, get as creative as you can, and make your signifcant other their special dish with your chosen ingredients!


Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and refreshments & a cozy blanket!
The next part is a bit crafty, so you might need to make a pit-stop to the craft store! 
grab some travel-friendly paints, paint brushes, & a small canvas! 

As the sun sets, take turns painting the pretty water & beautiful sky in front of you.

End the night with snuggles & heart to hearts.

To prep, you'll need to do a few things:

gather all your cozy blankets and pillows to set up outside
grab some fairy lights (if you don't already have some) & hang them all around your cozy space
create a playlist of your top 10-20 songs / songs that remind you of your person
.take turns listening to your playlists while cuddling under the stars

Arastasia Photography provides services from Arastasia, herself, and her talented and creative teammate, Marah. We provide the services below, feel free to click any of them to skip ahead to the section you're most interest in!

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live wedding painting

maternity photography

newborn photography

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glowy, passionate, romantic kind of love

I'll hand draw a custom portrait of your choice to use for your wedding! Add your pet to your signature drinks, to guest favors, or to your wedding invitation as a cute way to make sure your fur-baby isn't left out of your most magical day!

add some customization to your wedding with my custom pet art

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live wedding painting

magical moments, hand painted, cherished forever

Jackie & Butch

Jenna & Kory

Briana & Jacob

studio maternity sessions

newborn photography

lifestyle maternity

"Arastasia, I don’t even know where to begin. You’re the most genuine person I have ever met. You were such an amazing person to work with! You did our engagement photos IN THE RAIN and they still ended up perfect! Then our wedding photos/video, we have only seen the sneak peaks and I’m blown away! Just the sneak peak of our wedding video made me cry lol Seriously, you’re a blessing to work with. You made Matt and I feel so comfortable even though we are two of the most awkward people ever lol you have such an amazing gift and have such a creative ability to really show true love through a lens."
- Hali Amiott

I wish I could give more stars. Arastasia did our engagement and wedding photos and we are so beyond thrilled with our final results. The pictures were my biggest priority for our wedding since those are what last a lifetime and Arastasia's work far exceeded my expectations. She is reliable, talented, honest, fairly priced, and one of the nicest human beings on the planet. The only complaint I have is now I have to try and NOT spend thousands on ordering prints lol

Choosing Arastasia Photography will be a decision you will NOT regret. I feel so lucky that we have such amazing photos to remember the best day of our lives.
-  Christie Shoemaker

Arastasia is THE most amazing, down to earth, fun and talented photographer/person I have ever met. She photographed my sisters wedding and she completely blew us away with the photos we have received already. She is so down to earth and fun to work with. Just a go with the flow kind of gal. It wasn’t just “okay stand here and pose” “don’t move” she wasn’t demanding at all. Whatever we felt comfortable with is what she shot. Even thought our group was super loud, rowdy and the guys didn’t listen very well, she still managed to get amazing photos... some pretty funny ones too! My sister, her husband, myself and everybody involved could not be happier with the way everything came out. My sister and her husband made the best choice by booking with Arastasia! You will NOT be disappointed when booking with her.
- Kayla

Arastasia took our engagement pictures which was the start of our friendship that we now have. Those pictures turned out so beautiful, I still look at them all the time! Then she captured our wedding day, and when I tell you I am blown away by our pictures, I mean it! Arastasia does incredible work, she also is the sweetest person to work with and makes everything so easy, she made our giant wedding party so comfortable the whole day. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT, because of Arastasia. I would recommend her 1000x and more.
- Nikki

Incredible!! Where do I begin with this beautiful soul! Such an amazing artist with that camera!!! Did our engagement & wedding and a boudoir session!!! She’s so sweet to work with and knows just how to place you so you feel comfortable in front of the camera! 100% recommend ❤️
- Alison