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 We believe that everybody has a unique story, and intimate moments in life that pass by so quickly. Photography is our way to tell your stories, and give visual proof of your emotions, memories, and monumental moments in a creative way that will be cherished for generations to come. Photography isn't just our career, it is our entire life purpose. We truly believe in what we do, and we have so much heart and passion for each person that trusts us with their precious memories.

We're suckers for golden hour lighting, flowy dresses and using fabric to create movement and emotion. We love when our couples laugh together through their sessions and dance together all night at their weddings and if you're crying I promise were right there beside ya crying as well!
We love when our couples get lost in their moments and forget they're even being photographed. From Weddings that go by fast, to maternity sessions that freeze such a remarkable moment, we promise you incredible images created with the utmost passion and understanding for your story.


we're obsessed with...

We believe your photography should truly tell the story of you, your love, and the moments that unfolded authentically. Our style is romantic and whimsical - giving you images that feel dreamy and emotional and take you to a nostalgic place every time you look at them.
We like to bring out genuine moments with our weddings and sessions, and give you a memorable experience so fun that you often forget you're being photographed. We will guide you in a helpful way that feels natural and not posed.

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meet your photographers

meet your photographers

Hi! that's me, arastasia!

I've been the gal 'always holding a camera' for a long long time now, and i have owned Arastasia Photography since 2015! My career started off with just about every type of photography I could get my hands on, but these days I solely focus on the following:

wedding & engagement photography 
live wedding painting 
wedding videography 
maternity & newborn photography 


Hi! that's marah!

- My other right-hand helper (this one with a little less fur and begging of snuggles all day)
Marah is my adorable wedding-obsessed, all things photography - assistant.  She provides portrait services such as family & senior portraits, as well as wedding & engagement photography services! 


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