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I've been a wedding photographer for 10+ years now! I've truly captured so many amazing love stories, and I'm so honored and grateful for the many opportunities that I've had to do so. Additionally, photography isn't the only way I capture beautiful wedding days. I now offer Live Wedding Painting as one of my creative services. 

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I'm a Leo... like to a T. (lol)
I definitely am outgoing and extroverted! and I'm always up for an adventure and adding variety into my life!

ya girl loves seltzers, black cherry white claw is superior of course. lolol.
Soup is my favorite food, and I've been vegetarian since I was 14 years old!

I love to understand people. I'm constantly listening to podcasts about mental health and psychology, and I can talk to people all day long. In 2021 I started my own podcast, Passion & Potential with a mission to empower other creatives to chase their passions in life and embrace their potential

for my 27th birthday my best friend surprised me with skydiving! it was incredible and I would hands down do it again!
You can read all about it here on my blog!

I started painting by complete accident. My senior year of high school I needed an art credit to graduate, realized I kinda liked it..
Now i'm painting murals, painting weddings live, and creating art content to inspire other artists to pick up a paint brush again!

I'm obsessed with the ocean, and my mermaid heart THRIVES when I get to photograph coastal weddings. A spontaneous road trip to the ocean is something that happens way more often than my mother likes lolol.

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I've been on the Arastasia Photography team since 2022 and I gotta say I am so passionate about what I do in life! I've had a dream of being a photographer my entire life, and growing up to have that dream become a reality is something I truly never take for granted! I started my career as just assisting with wedding days as a second shooter, but now you'll find solo packages offered by me as your lead photographer!

i'm a wedding & couples-in-love photographer

hello, i'm marah


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Now I'm painting wall murals, and i'm obsessed!!

fun facts about me

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