Live Wedding Painter: 5 Reasons To Hire one!

live wedding painting at manikiki golf course cleveland ohio
Arastasia live wedding painting Shayla and Dominic’s wedding portrait at Manikiki Golf Course (Dino’s catering)

Hi there! I’m Arastasia, I’m a traveling Live Wedding Painter rooted in Cleveland, Ohio.

I’ve been apart of the wedding industry for 10 years now with my wedding photography business! I have a deep passion for embracing my creativity and offering Live Wedding Painting was a beautiful way for me to merge two huge parts of my heart in an industry that I am very well acquainted with!

Check out some of the reasons I feel like Live Wedding Painting is the perfect addition to your special day!

Arastasia Live Wedding Painting at Warner Theatre on New Years Eve!

1. Wedding days are fast, and sometimes chaotic! Having a live wedding painter can slow that down for you!

As a bride trying to plan the perfect day, there is so much emphasis on making sure you slow down and take it all in. Your day will go by SO FAST and having things to document the love in the air is so essential. Experiences that allow you to look back on the magical moments that stop you in your tracks amidst all the chaos, timelines, conversations, etc. Having a live wedding painter is just one more way to embrace all of that. 

2. Art is intimate, unique and personalized to YOUR day

Before we had cameras and iPhones to capture every memory we wanted to look back on, we had paintings. Paintings are so intimate, and personal and having a live wedding painter adds such a unique and timeless aspect to your wedding. Wedding paintings not only bring back the memories, but the emotions that follow.

live wedding painting at manikiki golf course cleveland ohio
Fun fact: We also photographed this wedding! So these clients have multiple versions of art from us. Check out some of the pictures here.

3. Your guests will LOVE it!!

This is an experience for you and your guests to witness one moment frozen in time put together by every brush stroke. The feelings you get at weddings, all the mushy gushy, comes to life in these paintings and makes it so memorable for your guests to watch! It adds just another element to your guests’ experience! Your guests will have a blast watching this unfold and being a part of creating this piece of art! 

Engaging with the guests at this wedding was such a fun part of my painting process! Guests couldn’t help but stand and watch, and then return a little later to see what progress I made!

4. It’s tangible and something that can be passed on generation to generation

Not only is this something physical you can cherish forever, but it is such a wonderful heirloom or gift to be passed on. Imagine walking into your home and seeing your most cherished memory brought to life on your wall. It is a timeless, hand painted, one-of-a-kind piece of art that you will not regret adding to your wedding day. 

5. It makes an incredible gift!

This makes THE PERFECT wedding gift. It’s a one-of-a-kind surprise for your fiancĂ©, or a great gift idea for your parents who don’t know what to get you if they were stuck… maybe you already own a home, or maybe you just already have everything you need. This is a gift that will mean so much to the newlyweds. It’s tangible, but also sentimental. It’s such a unique service and you get to take it home with you after your special day!

 arastasia rolain - full time wedding photographer and live wedding painter

Arastasia is a professional artist, based out of Cleveland Ohio but willing to travel anywhere in the US! Destination events too, depending on location. She provides a variety of creative services such as live wedding painting, custom artwork and murals, as well as wedding photography. To inquire about live wedding painting, click here!

For any other questions, painting or photography needs, contact Arastasia!

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