meet marah

Marah is my sassy, passionate, creative, harry-styles-obsessed, hopeless romantic-assistant and now wedding photographer apart of the Arastasia Photography Team!
We are SO excited to announce that Marah will officially be accepting weddings and sessions of her own!

Additionally, we are offering some current specials that you can book as we are working towards updating her own (solo) portfolio for the website!


head over to the contact form to inquire today!

Marah offers portrait services as well as weddings and sessions for couples in love!
Here's a few of the services you can book with her

Wedding Photography
Engagement Photography
Family Portraits
Senior Portraits


marah's services


1-2 hour couples session
Marah will be lead photographer, with Arastasia present for behind the scenes & guidance for training purposes


1-2 hour session
1-2 locations
Marah will be lead photographer (with Arastasia potentially present depending on date & timing booked)

Packaging Pricing & details

spring / summer weddings 2023

6-8 hours of photo coverage
Marah will be lead photographer, with Arastasia as 2nd photographer for behind the scenes & guidance purposes

fall / winter weddings 2023

6-8 hour wedding coverage
Marah as lead photographer, with a 2nd photographer as assistant

wedding pricing

the technical stuff

Marah's inherit creativity in photography will always be her own individuality, and she's a true talent. To maintain a cohesive brand style, Marah has spent the last year dedicating countless hours towards learning my process, style, equipment, and overall "romantic & in the moment" approach for wedding & couples photography.

Marah will use our Nikon mirrorless equipment and range of lenses - the same equipment as I use, to maintain that training process, as well as the style and aesthetic that is on brand for Arastasia Photography.

Following weddings / sessions, Marah and I will be a part of your editing process together, reviewing your photos & editing them to match our romantic, warm, and glowy style that you've seen in my wedding photography for years!

To book with Marah please fill out the inquiry form below!


more about marah

when I use the words "hopeless romantic" to describe Marah, I am not exaggerating my friends! She truly LOVES all things weddings, all things love, and all the emotional moments in between!

It's funny because most people look forward to having days off of work, right?

Nope. Not the case with this gal.
If we have a Saturday off from weddings, I promise you by 11am I am receiving a text message from Marah saying how sad she is she's not working today, and how her weekend is ruined because it doesn't have a wedding in it.


please fill out the form with as much detail and we will be in touch!

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