7 Tips on How to Stay Creative

Staying creative is hard, especially when there’s so much going on in the world. I’m a full time artist and I KNOW what it’s like to get into a creative rut! I’ve prepared some of my favorite techniques to help myself get out of that rut.

1. Let go of perfection

  • Having the idea of perfection in your mind STUMPS your creativity. Before you’ve even attempted to create something, you have told yourself the end result HAS to be this way. Go into a project or task by saying “This doesnt have to be perfect. This is just for me, for fun, and for my mental health and creativity.”

2. Create without completion

  • Sometimes we focus on the end result, and that makes us overwhelmed to the point that we’d rather not start at all. When trying to be creative, just focus on the smaller steps and fun PROCESS it takes. Try not to focus too much on completion.

3. Purchase this writing prompts book from Amazon

  • Seriously, this book has sparked so many ideas in my mind on the days that I am so un-inspired. I’ve created a ton of Instagram captions, stories, pinterest posts, and blog posts just from ideas in this book. Also, it makes for great conversation starters with new friends, colleagues, or even dates 😉

4. Put on lyric-less music and brain dump

  • This is one of my faves. I LOVE a good Bon Iver playlist, however, sometimes i need to let go of any distractions.. any lyrics that might make me think of something else.. any words. So i’ll go to youtube and type in “deep focus playlist” and then i’ll go outside and just brain-dumb into a notebook. Write down any idea that comes to mind, and just let it flow into other ideas. Sometimes i come up with great content, and honestly, sometimes its just a huge mental health relief. All in all – its HEALTHY. Do it! 🙂

5. Go OUTSIDE & step away from electronics

  • We all know technology is just scrolling after scrolling. Put your phone or computer away and go for a walk or bike ride outside. Go lay in the grass and stare up at the clouds. Walk to a part of your neighborhood you never have before and notice all the small things – the pretty flowers. The front porches. The decorations. The different trees. You’ll free your mind from the pressures of social media and you’ll probably spark some type of inspiration while you’re at it.

6. Think inspiration not comparison

  • Comparison does nothing but make us feel like were not good enough, and its very hard to be creative when you’re not in a positive or confident mental state. Next time you see something really artistic, or talented, remind yourself that that is INSPIRATION.. not something to compare yourself to. View other peoples art and success as a beautiful growth, not a comparison to your growth. And then challenge yourself to also create something, and at the end of the day, be PROUD of that. Don’t compare it to anyone else. just focus on yourself and stay in your lane.

7. Pinterest, of course

I know this one seems like a given, but Pinterest has SO much inspiration to be creative. Type in art ideas, content ideas, easy projects, the list goes on. Create a fun board of just ideas you’d like to try, and then on a day you are in a creative rut, come back to that board and try something new.

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