Engagement Session Style Guide

Welcome to my style guide for your engagement session. I get asked “what should I wear” SO often! So I decided to prepare a few tips on what colors, patterns, and materials photograph well! I’ve also included some inspo tips for different styles and seasons. Enjoy!

First and foremost – I want you to wear what YOU feel comfortable and beautiful in. I can definitely help with some tips on what PHOTOGRAPHS well – but keep in mind, I want you to feel confident and special on your engagement session!

I always say I have three foundation “tips” and I’ll break them down below – but here’s a quick synopsis.

Neutrals, Simple, Flowy, and True to YOU!

Nuetrals are always a win as they allow the photos to be less “busy” and over crowded by too many colors. They’ll match your scenery instead of complicate it.

Less can be more. Something really simple and without too many patterns or colors is ALWAYS a win. You’ll see a couple both in white below, and I LOVE how simple their outfit was for their photos. Also – if one of you is going to do a pattern, have the other do a SOLID. (for example, he wears a plaid shirt, you wear a solid sweater or dress.)

Flowy photographs beautifully as it gives MOTION and something to do with your hands. So get a big flowy skirt and have FUN with it.

Other than that, i’ve included some inspiration for the different types of sessions as well as seasons.

Wear what YOU feel pretty in

Embrace your style. If you’re edgy with some black leather – WEAR THAT. Feel glamorous, feel special, feel “extra” – it’s not every day you get to do an engagement session!

Less is More

All white – SO simple, yet it looks so amazing with their scenery and lighting.


Love me some Boho. I always recommend a white or solid colored dress, make it super flowy, and of course lace photographs really beautifully with sunset lighting.






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