Engagement Session Outfit Ideas & Style Guide

If you have a session coming up soon but can’t figure out what to wear, no worries! I’m here to help! In this blog you’ll find all sorts of engagement session outfit ideas, tips, different styles, & all sorts of inspiration!

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Before we get into the specifics, let’s do a quick recap of my main engagement session outfit ideas points & tips!

  • Think simple when choosing your color pallet! Neutrals, earthy tones, and softer colors photograph best and keep the attention on you and your partner in the photos!
  • If you’re doing multiple outfits, try and choose one outfit to be your more dolled up one, and one to be your more casual.
  • If you’re going to wear a pattern, make sure your partner is wearing a solid color. (Two patterns will clash and look too busy!)
  • When planning your outfits, consider the vibe & aesthetic of your session! Some examples of different styles are:
    • Timeless & Elegant
    • Romantic & Dreamy
    • Casual
    • Urban Chic & Fashionable
    • Seasonal Based

Alright, now let’s get into some of the specifics and show some examples!

Choosing Your Color Palette for Engagement Photos

When it comes to colors, think about what makes you feel comfortable and confident, but remember sometimes – less is more. Neutrals like soft creams, earthy tones, or gentle pastels are great choices. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your photos, making you the focal point without any distractions. Plus, they blend beautifully with different backgrounds and settings, giving you a versatile range of options for displaying your photos at home.

Defining Your Style and Aesthetic

Your engagement session is an opportunity to showcase your personalities and the love you share. Think about the vibe you want to convey through your photos and use that as a guide for the style of your outfits. If you’re dreaming of romantic, dreamy images, soft neutrals, flowing fabrics, and natural surroundings like fields or beaches are perfect. On the other hand, if you prefer a more urban and chic aesthetic, consider dressier outfits against city backdrops for a sophisticated look. Below are a few different examples & recommendations.

Classic and Timeless Elegance:

  • For a timeless and sophisticated look, consider a classic white dress for her and a sleek black suit for him. This combination exudes elegance and stands the test of time, ensuring your photos remain timeless for years to come.
  • Opt for clean lines, tailored fits, and minimalistic accessories to maintain a refined and polished aesthetic.
  • This style is perfect for capturing romantic moments in various settings, from elegant gardens to historic landmarks, creating a timeless narrative of your love story.

Romantic and Dreamy Vibes:

  • Soft neutrals like blush pink, light gray, or soft beige are ideal for creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Flowing fabrics such as chiffon or lace add a touch of whimsy and movement to your photos.
  • Natural surroundings like fields, meadows, or serene beaches enhance the romantic vibe, offering a backdrop that complements your soft color palette and adds a sense of intimacy to your images.
  • Play with natural light during golden hour for a soft, ethereal glow that enhances the dreamy ambiance of your photoshoot.

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Urban Chic and Sophisticated Style:

  • If you’re drawn to a more urban and chic aesthetic, go for dressier outfits that reflect your sophisticated style. Consider a tailored blazer and trousers for him, paired with a chic blouse or structured dress for her.
  • City backdrops with modern architecture, bustling streets, or iconic landmarks provide a stylish and dynamic setting for your photos. Embrace the energy of the cityscape while maintaining a polished and fashionable look.
  • Incorporate accessories like statement jewelry, stylish hats, or trendy shoes to add personality and flair to your urban chic ensemble.
fashionable Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

Keepin it Cozy & Casual Outfit Ideas

  • Sometimes wearing what you’re most comfortable in is the way to go! If you’re going to opt for a more casual outfit, here’s a few tips:
  • Of course, follow the main tips of considering your color choices & not having too many patterns.
  • Wear your favorite jeans that you KNOW you love and always feel confident in. No need to try something different that might not feel like you, stick with your go-to!
  • If you want to go extra cozy, go all in! Get some frumpy sweats, cozy blankies, and plan for an in-home session snuggled in your favorite place to be – home!

Seasonal Flair

  • The season can inspire your outfit choices and add a touch of seasonal magic to your photos.
  • For example, if your session is during the fall, rich autumnal colors like warm oranges, deep reds, or golden yellows can complement the natural foliage and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for cool blues or greens for a refreshing contrast against the fall backdrop.
  • If you’re planning for a winter session, sometimes it’s nice to choose a color that will really POP & stand out against the snow!

Adding Your Personal Touch – Accessories & Props

  • Accessories and details can elevate your outfits and add a personal touch to your photos.
  • Consider incorporating meaningful or stylish accessories like jewelry, scarves, hats, however, remember – the focus should be on you.
  • You can totally keep these additions minimal and subtle. They’re not necessary, but if they do serve a purpose or sentimental value, then they can be a bonus.

Engagement Session Outfit Ideas: My Main Go-Tips

Switch It Up if You Have Multiple Outfits

  • If you decide you want to have two outfits, then I always recommend having one of those be more casual, the other a bit fancier.
  • For the casual look, think about what you’d wear on a fun date or a cozy weekend together. Comfort is key here because when you feel good, it shows in the photos!
  • For the dressier outfit, this is your chance to shine and feel a little extra special. Consider outfits that make you feel confident and reflect your style as a couple.

Consider Your Location Aesthetic & Vibe To Compliment Your Engagement Session Outfits

  • Choosing the right location sets the stage for your engagement session.
  • Think about places that hold significance for you as a couple or locations that reflect your style and interests.
  • Whether it’s a scenic outdoor setting, a charming urban area, or a cozy indoor space, the location should complement your chosen outfits and enhance the overall mood of your photos.

Incorporating Patterns and Solid Colors

  • Patterns can add a fun and dynamic element to your photoshoot. If you’re a fan of patterns, go for it!
  • Just remember to balance it out with solid colors to avoid overwhelming the overall look.
  • For example, if one of you is wearing a patterned shirt or dress, the other can opt for a solid color that complements the pattern. This way, you both stand out without clashing.

Ultimately, Remember – Just Be You:

Above all, remember to relax and be yourselves during the session. The most beautiful photos capture genuine moments and emotions, so don’t worry about posing perfectly or trying to be someone you’re not. Trust your photographer to guide you and capture the love and connection between you naturally.

I hope these tips helped you & you now feel confident and inspired by our engagement session outfit ideas! Have a blast at your session & congrats on this beautiful time in your life!

thank you SO much for reading – I truly appreciate it!

til next time my friend!

with love and kindness,

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