Taylor and Danny’s Wedding at Intercontinental Cleveland

Taylor and Danny’s wedding at Intercontinental Cleveland was full of lots of love, smiles, laughs, and of course dancing! They are such a beautiful charismatic couple who are so obviously in love.

Keep reading for some of Taylor’s advice on getting married!

Wedding Rings
Bride Dress and Details

Wedding at Intercontinental Cleveland

Girl’s Getting Ready

Taylor was such a gorgeous bride and had the most adorable little helper and flower girl, her and Danny’s daughter Scarlett.

Bride and Daughter Wedding Day Dresses Photography

Most importantly he always makes me feel like a priority and is equally a wonderful father to Scarlett. 

Bride Getting Ready
Bride Getting Ready
Bridesmaids Getting Ready Portrait
Bride Getting Ready for wedding at Intercontintental Cleveland

Taylor’s advice for planning a wedding?

A piece of advice I could give to a fellow bride would to be to do whatever you want it’s your day.  Although it’s nice to get opinions of family it’s the largest party you’ll ever throw so stick to your vision and what you want but most importantly have fun with the planning process (if you can during a pandemic). And #1 thing is your marrying your best friend and soul mate so nothing else should matter anyways.


Guy’s Getting Ready

Downstairs from Taylor at Intercontinental Cleveland, her love Danny and his groomsmen were getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Groomsmen Photo Wedding at Intercontintental Cleveland
Groom getting ready Wedding at Intercontinental Cleveland

Describe why you love Danny so much

Oh there’s a million reasons why I love Danny. He makes me smile and laugh every single day. Even if it’s over something totally stupid or even if we’re fighting (which is rare) he still gets me to laugh. We get along so well he’s the most laid back, positive, look on the bright side kind of person you could ever meet. He’s caring, trustworthy, intelligent, and soo handsome. Most importantly he always makes me feel like a priority and is equally a wonderful father to Scarlett.


Finally Married!

Bride and Groom Ceremony Getting Married

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

The ceremony. It was such a dream to walk down the aisle and meet Danny at the alter. It was so emotional because, although my step father Jeff has and will always be there for me, he stepped in to walk me down when my father had unexpectedly passed earlier this year in March. So to see Danny gave me so much strength and happiness. On top of that to accept God’s blessing and recite our vows in front of our most close friends and family was the most magical and beautiful part of our day. I could relive those moments over and over again.


Let the wedding bells ring! After a church wedding ceremony we headed to Acacia Reservation to take some timeless photos among the wildflowers.

Boho Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait
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Sunflare boho bride and groom Wedding portrait

The Bridal Party

Bridal Party Celebrating Wedding Portrait

This group was such a fun bridal party to photograph! They were a group full of loving family and friends, all so supportive of both the bride and the groom.
Here’s some more beautiful (and funny!) bridal party photos.

Wedding Reception at Intercontinental Cleveland

Wedding Reception Toasts at Intercontintental Cleveland
First Dance Wedding Photo

What’s your motto to live by for a happy relationship?

I guess my motto would be “communication is key to a healthy and happy relationship” always be honest and tell your partner how your feeling and what you want in life and everything will fall into place for you both.

Wedding Reception Dancing
Wedding Reception Couple Dancing at Intercontintental Cleveland

Check out that hand sanitizer, isn’t it the cutest! Not only was there cute handsanitizer, but the venue, Intercontinental Cleveland (https://www.intercontinentalcleveland.com/), took so many precautions for the pandemic!

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