5 Ways To Use Veils In Your Wedding Photos [Tips Included]

Not only are wedding veils the perfect accessory for a bride, they’re also perfect for the photographer! Well not to wear, but to use in the photos! Veils can be used in so many ways to create the perfect magical, or moody, photo.

At Arastasia Photography we LOVE to use veils in photos so we compiled our best tips for creating the perfect whimsical wedding veil photos!

1. Wedding Veils in the Foreground

Putting the veil in the foreground is a must! This can add some texture to the photo and gives it a special atmospheric feel.

Here’s some examples!

2. Veil Over the Couple

Putting the veil over the couple gives the photos a feeling of privacy and intimacy. Perfect way to capture the bond between the couple and show how they really are each other’s whole world!

Check these out!

Shot at Lake Erie College (https://www.lec.edu/)

3. Wedding Veils in the Light

ALWAYS use the lighting to your advantage! The lighting can really add to the magical atmosphere of a photo. Wedding veils are so good at capturing and refracting the light to really give the photo that extra glow!

Here’s some example’s for you!

Shot at Cleveland Cultural Gardens (https://www.clevelandculturalgardens.org/). The gardens are filled with beautiful fountains and other features to take advantage of!

4. Veil Around the Bride

Obviously the veil naturally drapes down around the bride, but laying the veil in a specific way around her can really make the photo!

Here’s a few ways we like to do this!

5. Make it Windy

If the wedding day is windy, perfect for this! But if it’s not you can create your own wind! We do this by holding and moving the veil around out of frame to add some motion.

This can be done in many ways but 2 ways we love are in the foreground, and off to the side of the couple.

Here’s some examples of both natural and our woman made wind!

Shot near Ariel International Center (https://www.arielinternationalcenter.com/aic/homePage.html). Light shining through the veil is a beautiful touch to any veil photo!

Here’s a link to some more wedding veil photos! https://arastasiaphotography.com/2020/09/09/wedding_veil_photography/

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