A Magical 78th Street Studios Wedding – Jenna & Kory’s Highlights

A Whimsical and Romantic 78th Street Studios Wedding in Cleveland Ohio: Where Love and Art Collide!

Hello lovers! Get ready to dive into the freaking GORGEOUS and absolutely fun day that we had the honor to photograph for Jenna and Kory. In this blog you’ll find Jenna and Kory’s wedding at the oh-so-cool 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. This place had it all – whimsy, romance, and a serious dose of artistic vibes. From dreamy natural light to heartwarming moments, let’s take a walk through the highlights of their special day.

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Highlight #1- It’s all in the Details – Getting Ready moments at Suite 226 Photography Studio [located inside of 78th Street Studios]

Jenna and Kory made their morning easy-breezy by renting out a photography studio just one floor up from their ceremony. Studio was filled with natural light, giving us all that dreamy goodness for detail photos, & had plenty of space to round up our bridal party for some great candids & fun group photos.

suite 226 wedding photos - 78th street studios wedding
suite 226 wedding photos - 78th street studios wedding

The Dream Team Wedding Vendors that made Jenna and her bridesmaids look like absolute queens

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible hair team and makeup team that worked their magic during Jenna’s getting ready process. They transformed her into an absolute goddess, ensuring she looked and felt like a classy, elegant, and timeless queen. Every curl, every stroke of makeup was on point, making Jenna and all her gals radiate with confidence and beauty.

Kirsten, owner of Beauty by Kirsten Erika of was on makeup. And Aubri, owner of Hair By Aubri was on hair styling. Clearly you can tell Jenna was THRILLED with her end results just by looking at her adorable smile in the photos below.

( I would also like to personally add that I freaking LOVE these ladies. Both Kirsten & Aubri are best friends of mine, and I refer them to my couples all the time! When Jenna mentioned they were a part of the day, I did a happy dance just knowing our morning would be spent together – female entrepreneur besties working side by side. )

When it comes to getting ready details, I meticulously create my layouts and vision using the bridal essentials. My personal favorite is to incorporate the veil (pictured above) using backlighting & flowy motion.

Highlight #2 – Heartwarming First Looks: Emotional Connections Before the Ceremony

suite 226 wedding photos - 78th street studios wedding

Love and Laughter: The Bride’s First Look with the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen inside the 78th Street Studios Art Gallery

Before the ceremony, Jenna shared a heartfelt and lighthearted first look moment with her bridesmaids & groomsmen. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as they all gathered, brimming with love and joy. Laughter filled the air as Jenna’s radiant smile and the genuine reactions of the bridal party filled my camera lens. This special moment showcased the strong bonds of friendship and set the tone for an unforgettable day of celebration. After this cute moment with friends, Jenna really tore at our heart strings with a first look with her father. *que the tears immediately*

Intimate Bliss: The Bride and Groom’s First Look

The first looks before the ceremony held a special place in Jenna and Kory’s hearts, allowing for cherished moments of connection and love. These treasured moments were taken place in a private area, where Jenna & Kory could take in the emotions without an audience.

Highlight #3 – Capturing Timeless Wedding Portraits of Jenna & Kory

Jenna and Kory’s vision for their photography definitely had me channeling all my romantic vibes, and city-aesthetic creativity. From the dreamy lighting & elegant archiceture of the Cleveland Flats, to the industrial elegance of the 78th Street Studios venue, my creative soul was thriving.

Jenna’s sleek dress & cathedral veil made perfectly for my signature glowy-veil shots, and the vintage charm of the bridal party attire really made these photos feel timeless.

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Industrial Elegance: Glamorous Photos at 78th Street Studios

Prior to the big day, I scoped out some locations to match Jenna & Kory’s vision. One of our plans fell through when we realized the parking situation was a no-go, however, 78th Street Studios turned to be an even better canvas for us. Between the industrial brick, deep-green ivy wall, and perfect lighting, every bit of our creative vision came to life & so much more.

Highlight #4 – The Venue that Took Our Breath Away – 78th Street Studios located in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Let there be Light! (And lots of it) A 78th Street Studios wedding is a photographers dreaaaaaam venue

First things first, the 78th Street Studios was like a natural light dream world! The place was flooded with sunlight, giving every shot a touch of magic. You could practically see the love shimmering in those photos! The natural light really complimented Jenna’s simple and sleek aesthetic of a silk bridal gown, and all white bridesmaid dresses!

So much incredible art – every turn was flooded with inspiration

Okay, can we talk about the venue’s insane charm? Exposed brick walls, mind-blowing artwork – hands down such a unique venue. Each click of the camera showcased the unique vibes of the 78th Street Studios, making Jenna and Kory’s wedding album a work of art in itself!

Highlight #5 – A Sweet and Serene Ceremony: Saying “I Do” at 78th Street Studios

78th street studios wedding - indoor ceremony - industrial wedding venues in cleveland

Enchanting Ambiance: Twinkle Lights and Art Galleries

Jenna and Kory’s ceremony at 78th Street Studios was a dreamy affair that blended romance with artistic charm. Underneath a canopy of twinkling lights, the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows, surrounded by the warm glow of art galleries. The ambiance was nothing short of enchanting, with the unique combination of twinkle lights, the creative energy of the studios, and the love radiating from Jenna and Kory. It was a moment that truly captured their love story in a setting that was as magical as their connection.

Illuminated by Love: Window Light and Intimate Moments

As the couple said their “I do’s,” the natural light streaming through the venue’s windows created a stunning backdrop. The soft glow highlighted the love shared between Jenna and Kory, casting a warm and ethereal aura over the ceremony. Surrounded by their loved ones, they basked in the glow of this intimate moment, cherishing every word spoken and every promise made.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Jenna and Kory’s wedding was a collaborative masterpiece brought to life by an incredible team of vendors. From the glamorous hair and makeup artists who made Jenna shine, to the electrifying Cleplays band that set the reception on fire, and the dedicated wedding planners at Engaged & Co who orchestrated the day flawlessly – every vendor played a vital role in creating an unforgettable experience. Their combined expertise, talent, and hard work made Jenna and Kory’s wedding day dreams come true, leaving them with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Highlight #5 – The incredible Wedding Reception filled with toasts, a live band, a choreographed first dance, a photobooth, glow lights, late night treats, and so much more!

Jenna and Kory’s wedding reception was such a freaking blast. Between the live band playing banger-hits all night, to the open bar, and late night ice cream treats. Guests filled the space with so much energy and great candids for us to capture!

78th street studios wedding - indoor reception  - industrial wedding venues in cleveland
78th street studios wedding - indoor reception  - industrial wedding venues in cleveland

[ pictured above: Marah, living her absolute best life, standing on a chair. holding a glow stick, and photographing the dancing crowd. Learn more about Marah & her photography services by heading over to her ‘Meet Me’ page! ]

Jenna & Kory’s Choreographed First Dance

Jenna and Kory took everyone by surprise at the reception with an adorable choreographed first dance. Their spins, giggles in between foot movements, and kiss dips were absolutely precious and perfectly in sync.

The Dualling Piano Band, Cleplays, Rocked the Reception

Oh boy, let’s talk about the reception! The energy skyrocketed when Cleplays hit the stage. These talented musicians turned the night into a full-blown party with their dualling piano skills. The dance floor was on fire, music requests were flowing in, and everyone couldn’t resist dancing all night long. (seriously, the dance floor was never empty)

Candid Happiness Was Everywhere

The best part of the reception? Those unplanned, candid moments of guests living their best life at the reception. I am living for these photos, they feel so fun, and you really feel like you’re back at the wedding alongside the guests.

Sweet Treats and Late-Night Delights

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream brought a delightful twist to the festivities with their infamous late-night snack. As the party continued, guests filled their ice cream bowls with fun flavors, even while dancing, like pictured above!

Final Thoughts on Jenna & Kory’s Magical Wedding

Jenna and Kory’s wedding at the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio, was an enchanting affair filled with whimsy, romance, and unforgettable moments. We have a special place in our hearts for these two and their love story, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share that love story through our photography. We hope these images live on to be cherished for all the years to come, and we hope you enjoyed this beautiful recap of the wedding day!

Thanks for reading, and until next time lovers!

with love and kindness,

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Arastasia Rolain
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