Amber and Trevor’s Lake Erie Building Wedding: [An Elegant & Industrial Wedding Venue in Cleveland, OH]

Hello lovers! I’m so excited to share some of the behind-the-scenes details, beautiful images, and adorable moments from one of my beautiful 2023 weddings. Amber & Trevor said I do in one of my favorite industrial wedding venues in Cleveland – The Lake Erie Building. This venue is filled with natural window light, industrial structures, chandeliers, & elegant aesthetics. Keep reading to get the full inside look, paired with Amber & Trevor’s personal thoughts, and of course some lovey-dovey emotions to melt your love-story-loving heart.

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Lake Erie Building Wedding - Cleveland Ohio Industrial Wedding Venues

Crafting the Perfect Dress and Veil: A Tale of Lace and Sparkle

“The winning dress was the 4th one I tried on! A bonus was the beautiful matching veil,” Amber exclaims, recounting her journey to find the perfect wedding attire at A Bride’s Design in Avon, OH. With an open mind, she explored numerous dresses across Cleveland’s bridal boutiques. The dress that captured her heart combined elegant lace patterns with a subtle touch of sparkle, while the matching veil seemed serendipitously designed for her.

A Lake Erie Building Wedding: A Venue with History and Windows to the Soul

The Lake Erie Building in Lakewood, Ohio, was the canvas that brought Amber and Trevor’s vision to life. “The BEAUTIFUL windows in the Lake Erie Building stole our hearts,” Trevor shares. Seeking a non-traditional yet meaningful space, they found this venue to be absolutely perfect in both size and aesthetic! The chandeliers radiated soft candlelight that felt romantic and editorial. The windows gave us the exact natural light we love for our “in-the-moment” & authentic style of photography. Lastly, the clean, all white, walls served as a perfect backdrop. They truly brought focus to the beauty of what we were photographing and not distracting away from the couple in love.

Wedding Vendors That Weaved Magic at the Lake Erie Building

Their wedding was a collaborative masterpiece, brought to life by dedicated vendors who understood their vision. The enchanting tunes of Music Therapy DJ & Photo Booth set the rhythm for the day. Village Catering Company delighted guests with appetizers, buffet dinner, ice cream brownie dessert bar, and a late-night pizza snack. Corkscrew Johnny’s provided the libations, while Drink Slingers manned the bar. The Lake Erie Building, with its exquisite windows and industrial charm, provided the enchanting stage for their celebration. And of course, our team here at Arastasia Photography spent the full day with Amber & Trevor, capturing their love story. Here’s a little recap of all the vendors & what they provided!

Fuzzy Friends and Personal Touches

Every couple infuses their personality into their wedding, and Amber and Trevor did so with a charming twist. Their beloved cats became a central theme, gracing the cake topper, drink menu, and even their heartfelt vows. “Our cats made appearances everywhere,” Amber recalls with a smile, illustrating how personal touches can transform a wedding into a celebration of who you are. And fun fact, when Amber first inquired with me on my website, she mentioned that she and her (then) fiance were absolute cat-lovers & obsessed with their fuzzy friends. It was love at first sight… from me to them. Because I too, am an absolute cat-lover and obsessed with my fuzzy friends. I mentioned all of this in my response email and we both got a laugh out of it.

The favorite moment that stands out for Amber & Trevor

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, certain moments hold a special place in Amber & Trevor’s memories. “Seeing everyone we love in one room, celebrating our journey, was a breathtaking moment,” she reflects. For Trevor, the anticipation before his first look at Amber in Lakewood Park was both heartwarming and exhilarating. “I knew I was about to marry my best friend,” he confesses. (and oh my gosh his reaction was beyond adorable. We definitely all shed tears)

Lake Erie Building Wedding - Cleveland Ohio Industrial Wedding Venues photographed by Arastasia Photography

A Surprise First Dance

When it comes time for the dancing portion of receptions, you can feel the energy shift in the room and the excitement build. As photographers, we LOVE when the dance floor is filled, and we will say – Amber and Trevor’s dance floor was alive at the Lake Erie Building! However, before the full dancefloor filled with guests, Amber & Trevor shared their first dance & ended it with a surprise. Hoenstly, I think this was our absolute favorite moment from the entire wedding day. They started their first dance with an acoustic version of the song “Everytime We Touch” (As a Millennial… yes, just YES to this so much) BUT, the kicker is… halfway through their first dance they surprised everyone with the original, upbeat version. They jumped up and down and shouted for guests to join them on the dance floor and it was beyond the most unique and exciting first dance we’ve ever photographed.

Romantic Love and Elegant Memories Captured at the Lake Erie Building Wedding

Photographs hold stories, and that’s what we set out to do with our photography. “We’re so grateful you captured our story—our laughter, our love, and all those special moments,” Amber and Trevor express their gratitude. We fell in love with these two with every minute that passed by. So, we too, are so grateful we capture their story.

Arastasia Photography- Cleveland Wedding Photographers at Lake Erie Building Wedding - Cleveland Ohio Industrial Wedding Venues

An Exciting Future and Love Beyond Their Wedding Day

With their wedding behind them, Amber and Trevor are feeling excited for future endeavors. “We can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead,” they exclaim. Their journey teaches us to embrace our uniqueness, prioritize what resonates with our hearts, and not get caught up in traditions for tradition’s sake.

Capture Your Industrial Wedding with Us at the Lake Erie Building

Amber and Trevor’s wedding story opens the door to imagination. If their journey resonates with you, let’s create magic together. Reach out to us to discuss how we can craft an experience that brings your vision to life at the Lake Erie Building. Every love story deserves to be told, and we’re here to capture yours, frame by frame.

You can find more information, learn all about us and connect with us here. Also check out lots of previous wedding days on our instagram!

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